Friday, October 17, 2008

End of Nine Weeks

Studio just completed the first nine week session of the year. It was another great one and the kids created some amazing and creative projects. The computer animation set to music was so cool. Disney is waiting! The polymer clay work, recycled paper, paper mache, the calligraphy purses, the bulletin boards, the calligraphy stationery were all incredible.

We began a series on learning to get along and accepting others using the movie and book of The Freedom Writers. We challenged the kids to find ways at their middle school to help promote tolerance or our better word is "mutual understanding". It is amazing how early prejudice begins. The Hispanics don't like the Blacks, the Whites don't like the Hispanics, the Blacks don't like the Asians.... We talked about how one person can lead a whole group (or nation) to hate another just because of the way they look, what they believe or if act differently from us. We've got a lot more work to do but we are learning to break down the barriers and labels that keep us from getting along with each other.

After fall break we will begin again with another mixed art class, digital photography and a new leadership class.

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