Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shiloh Camp Cookout and Show

Last Friday night I had the incredible opportunity to attend the end of the camp week show and cookout at Shiloh with the kids. When I got to the camp and stood watching the kids sing and dance and shout, I can only explain it by what those of us in church work call "the mountaintop experience". What I mean by that by the mountain top experience is a time when you feel God's presence so strongly and so boldly and you are so overcome with joy you want to burst! Justin who rarely shows emotion was clapping and dancing. The other kids were having such a great time. They took me around and introduced me to all the counselors. They had made so many new friends and they seemed so happy. They talked and talked all the way, begged to go back next year and thanked me numerous times. But it wasn't me they needed to thank, it was themselves for being brave enough to try something new. Many of the other kids from Studio were too afraid to go to camp because they had never been before. I'm so happy they did. It made them realize they are special. Just letting kids know someone cares is so incredibly powerful. It was so inspirational, I didn't want the evening to end. I believe that for that one week at least, these kids felt joy. I pray that the memories will lift them up when everything else in their world is chaotic.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer is here! This week a few of the Studio kids are enjoying a great day camp called Shiloh here in Oklahoma City. They get to create art, ride horseback, participate in rope courses, sing, make up skits and meet new friends. We are also sponsoring with the Oklahoma City Public School Homeless Program a group of 15 kids from the Family Junction Shelter. Pictures Coming!!