Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photo Art Display

Yesterday the kids in the photography class held a small art display for the staff of St. Luke's. The art show was held in the St. Luke's Mansion Library and was set up like a gallery showing complete with cheese, crackers and sparkling cider! Nikkia, Devin, Xavier and Kenneth showed the finest of their photography work while staff members voted for the best photographer. Kenneth won but Nikkia, Devin and Xavier came in a close second. The staff was blown away by the professional, creative and beautiful photos! The four were so proud of their work. I cannot describe how inspiring this was. We have collected all of these photos and placed them in a coffee table book that will go on sale soon as well as individual photos. Mike Edmison, photographer and instructor has an incredible gift and Studio 222 appreciates the time he shared.

Ray Dixon's class is finishing up their projects. Another impressive group of artists have created some beautiful geometric designs in chalk, collage, color and pencil. The patterns and colors are beautiful and you will think these came from a famous art gallery! Ray's calm and caring spirit, along with his amazing artistic talent, is awesome. I was constantly amazed at how he could look a project, offer a suggestion, shade a little here or there, and wow the outcome - beautiful! Pila, Ashley, Justin, Michell, Miranda, Josie - you are artists!

Betsy Horn, teacher, mentor, fun spirit - you brought out some heart-felt, heart-wrenching, inspiring writing from a group of high-spirited girls! I laughed and I cried when I read the poetry and the stories. These also are compiled in a book and will touch your heart. Canisha, Chaquion, Esveide, Jaysha, Juanita, Michah, Sapphire, Sarah - Continue to tell your stories and thanks for sharing.

This has been a great year. Next week is the last week of year four! It has made me more determined to offer more after-school programs to serve more youth in our community. The creative and quality of art the kids produced as raised their self-esteem to new heights!

The stories of the day to day life of these kids would break your heart but the gifts they have received through the artists and volunteers of Studio 222 has transformed them in a way that you truly have to see for yourself. The best description is that they have hope for a brighter future. I pray that we all will remember to encourage a child each day. It makes all the difference.