Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Studio had a fun and wonderful opportunity this Christmas thanks to friends Debbie & John Williams, Harle Wehde and Chef Black at the Skirvin Hotel in downtown. The kids were treated to an amazing spread of food and enjoyed decorating Christmas cookies while Chef Black told his inspiring life story.

Our tradition of Santa dropping by continued as he brought lots of gifts for each of the students.

Also, the members of St. Luke's continued their generous spirit of giving with an enormous supply of socks, shirts, gift cards, etc. for the program.

The true meaning of Christmas could be felt all through the month. It was such a blessing to be able to share with this amazing group of kids.

Friday, October 17, 2008

End of Nine Weeks

Studio just completed the first nine week session of the year. It was another great one and the kids created some amazing and creative projects. The computer animation set to music was so cool. Disney is waiting! The polymer clay work, recycled paper, paper mache, the calligraphy purses, the bulletin boards, the calligraphy stationery were all incredible.

We began a series on learning to get along and accepting others using the movie and book of The Freedom Writers. We challenged the kids to find ways at their middle school to help promote tolerance or our better word is "mutual understanding". It is amazing how early prejudice begins. The Hispanics don't like the Blacks, the Whites don't like the Hispanics, the Blacks don't like the Asians.... We talked about how one person can lead a whole group (or nation) to hate another just because of the way they look, what they believe or if act differently from us. We've got a lot more work to do but we are learning to break down the barriers and labels that keep us from getting along with each other.

After fall break we will begin again with another mixed art class, digital photography and a new leadership class.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beginning the 5th Year!

Since we are beginning the 5th year, I have been reflecting on this ministry and what it has done for my life. First and foremost, I have to say it has given me the faith to trust God through each decision. Second, it has made me realize I have a capacity to love that is far greater than I had ever imagined. Third, I have learned to put myself in another's shoes and truly try to understand where someone is at that particular time in their life. I have learned that we don't all start out on the same playing field and I believe it is our job as humans to try to level that field. The kids who have come through the doors of Studio 222 are unique, beautiful, talented and special people. They enrich the lives of those of us lucky enough to meet them.

We have a full house with 26! We are beginning the year with classes of computer animation, mixed art including polymer clay, recycled paper making, calligraphy, glass art and more...

Sunday, September 14 we are celebrating during all three worship services at St. Luke's. The kids will be attending and will be recognized during the services. - Julie Robinson

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Graham Colton Day to benefit Studio

August 2nd is Graham Colton Day in Oklahoma City!

Graham will perform at Frontier City on August 2nd. A generous portion of the ticket sales for that day will go to Studio 222!

Check out www.myspace.com/grahamcolton

July 2008

July has been a very busy month!

We went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial which is so moving, heartbreaking and inspiring. The Studio kids were only 1 & 2 or not born when it happened so it was interesting to hear their reactions.

We then enjoyed a great but hot afternoon at Lake Hefner where we met up with the kids from the Family Junction Shelter. We had a picnic, flew kites and had water gun fights.

July 4th we participated in the Bricktown Art Walk.

On July 13th, everyone joined us at St. Luke's LifeLight worship service where Graham Colton made a special tribute to the Studio kids and sang "Best Days". When then all went to lunch at Brahms and to the 3D movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth". What a great day!

July 30th we are going to the Redhawks game in Bricktown.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shiloh Camp Cookout and Show

Last Friday night I had the incredible opportunity to attend the end of the camp week show and cookout at Shiloh with the kids. When I got to the camp and stood watching the kids sing and dance and shout, I can only explain it by what those of us in church work call "the mountaintop experience". What I mean by that by the mountain top experience is a time when you feel God's presence so strongly and so boldly and you are so overcome with joy you want to burst! Justin who rarely shows emotion was clapping and dancing. The other kids were having such a great time. They took me around and introduced me to all the counselors. They had made so many new friends and they seemed so happy. They talked and talked all the way, begged to go back next year and thanked me numerous times. But it wasn't me they needed to thank, it was themselves for being brave enough to try something new. Many of the other kids from Studio were too afraid to go to camp because they had never been before. I'm so happy they did. It made them realize they are special. Just letting kids know someone cares is so incredibly powerful. It was so inspirational, I didn't want the evening to end. I believe that for that one week at least, these kids felt joy. I pray that the memories will lift them up when everything else in their world is chaotic.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer is here! This week a few of the Studio kids are enjoying a great day camp called Shiloh here in Oklahoma City. They get to create art, ride horseback, participate in rope courses, sing, make up skits and meet new friends. We are also sponsoring with the Oklahoma City Public School Homeless Program a group of 15 kids from the Family Junction Shelter. Pictures Coming!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photo Art Display

Yesterday the kids in the photography class held a small art display for the staff of St. Luke's. The art show was held in the St. Luke's Mansion Library and was set up like a gallery showing complete with cheese, crackers and sparkling cider! Nikkia, Devin, Xavier and Kenneth showed the finest of their photography work while staff members voted for the best photographer. Kenneth won but Nikkia, Devin and Xavier came in a close second. The staff was blown away by the professional, creative and beautiful photos! The four were so proud of their work. I cannot describe how inspiring this was. We have collected all of these photos and placed them in a coffee table book that will go on sale soon as well as individual photos. Mike Edmison, photographer and instructor has an incredible gift and Studio 222 appreciates the time he shared.

Ray Dixon's class is finishing up their projects. Another impressive group of artists have created some beautiful geometric designs in chalk, collage, color and pencil. The patterns and colors are beautiful and you will think these came from a famous art gallery! Ray's calm and caring spirit, along with his amazing artistic talent, is awesome. I was constantly amazed at how he could look a project, offer a suggestion, shade a little here or there, and wow the outcome - beautiful! Pila, Ashley, Justin, Michell, Miranda, Josie - you are artists!

Betsy Horn, teacher, mentor, fun spirit - you brought out some heart-felt, heart-wrenching, inspiring writing from a group of high-spirited girls! I laughed and I cried when I read the poetry and the stories. These also are compiled in a book and will touch your heart. Canisha, Chaquion, Esveide, Jaysha, Juanita, Michah, Sapphire, Sarah - Continue to tell your stories and thanks for sharing.

This has been a great year. Next week is the last week of year four! It has made me more determined to offer more after-school programs to serve more youth in our community. The creative and quality of art the kids produced as raised their self-esteem to new heights!

The stories of the day to day life of these kids would break your heart but the gifts they have received through the artists and volunteers of Studio 222 has transformed them in a way that you truly have to see for yourself. The best description is that they have hope for a brighter future. I pray that we all will remember to encourage a child each day. It makes all the difference.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photography Class Picture Make Cover

The cover photo on May issue of the Outlook magazine of St. Luke's United Methodist Church is by Studio 222 student, Kenneth Stroman. Inside the issue are several other photos by students in the photography class led by Mike Edmison. The pictures these kids have taken are unbelievable!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vision Boards

Thursday, Betsy Hoehn, who is now helping coordinate activities and fundraising with Studio 222 brought materials for the kids to create their own "Vision Boards". The vision boards are to reflect goals and dreams - short-term and long-term. Betsy talked about the importance of setting goals and working to achieve them. She shared her own personal vision board and talked about how goals change over time. Some of the goals set by the kids were: new cars, traveling, becoming broadcasters, lawyers, chefs, having homes, families, great kitchens, and more.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Every day the kids of Studio 222 amaze me! They have such creativity and talent. The classes are going exceptionally well. Betsy has her class creating poetry, drama and much more. The daily laughter heard in her class shows what a great time everyone is having. Ray's class is drawing, painting and making some pieces of art that are so creative and interesting. The photography class led by Mike has been incredibly inspiring! St. Luke's is even using one of the kids photos for the cover of its May magazine Outlook! There are other pictures featured in the magazine as well. We'll post some photos soon and trust me, they will knock your socks off! I can't believe the year is almost over. These kids are so special and watching them engage in expressing themselves through paint, poetry, drama and photography makes me truly believe that art heals and inspires the soul.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

4th Nine Weeks Begins

Monday we began new classes for the last nine weeks of the school year. This nine weeks we have Ray Dixon, art teacher, is showing his class how to work with different shapes using ink, crayon, watercolor, etc. Mike Edmison, photographer, is teaching his class digital photography. Betsy Horn, teacher, is using collage, poetry, writing and more to help her class express themselves. We are continuing our character building program and this week is on responsibility. Each week we pick one student to be the "spy". They watch the other students through the week and then on Thursday they choose one person who has been showing responsibility throughout the week at Studio, at school and on the bus. The person they choose receive $5.00. Every Thursday we don't have art classes but do something different. Today, Christy Counts from the Humane Society is coming back to share about animals and how we should take care of pets and animals in general.

Friday, March 14, 2008

We finished our third 9-week session for the year with some amazing work!

Carol Goodwin, artist, shared her many talents with the students incorporating meditation and relaxation techniques. This class made altered books, collages, kaleidoscope drawings (made with coffee filters!) and paper torn creations.

Lavina McKinzey, artist, taught the mosaic's class. The finished projects included a beautiful table, picture frames, garden gazing balls, candle holders, a small chair and even a pair of shoes!!

Erin Roberts, instructor, had the most challenge. She taught our first encounter with robotics! Her wisdom and engineering skills helped the students build some awesome structures. There was a garage with moving door, a Ferris wheel, snowplows, airplanes and much more.

It never ceases to amaze me the talent of both artists and students!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Monday through Wednesday, we work with the artists but Thursday is a special day. From watching movies, going to musuems to hamburgers in the park, each Thursday we do something different. This past Thursday, Don Oliver came and taught the kids how to make paper airplanes. I could not believe that over 50% of our kids had never made a paper airplane or ever flew one!! We had a great time as the kids then had a contest where tested their skills flying the planes over a balcony in the building. There were prizes for farthest distance, most graceful and most loop-de-loops!
Studio 222 is in its fourth successful year offering a quality arts-based program. The program runs four days per week during the school year from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Professional artists are hired for nine-week increments to provide the students opportunites to experience a variety of the arts such as photography, grapic design, hip-hop dance, mosiacs, cooking, drama and more.